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Friday, 24 December 2010

Me, Steve Mason and the Beta Band

Currently, I am writing and recording new songs at home.  I'm aiming to get the next album done in next spring. It's already been one and a half year since I released my first album, "My Big Foot Over the Sky". It's true, 'time flies'.

 One album I've been listening to over and over is "Boys Outside" by Steve Mason, the latest work form the former front man of the Beta Band. The Beta Band and Steve Mason are the biggest influence to my music. The beta band's song "Dry the rain" made a big impression and I took up the guitar soon afterwards. In the way, it is not a surprise to see the same world they created in their 1st album "Hot Shots Ⅱ" in my first album.

My Beta Band collection
Like his past works, Mason skillfully mixes various styles such as folk, electronica and dub in "Boys Outside". The catchy melodies in each song demonstrate his talent as a song-writer. I also like the way electro beats interwoven with live drums in the songs like  "I am Just a Man" or "The Letter".

Steve Mason's new album "Boys Outside"

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